Monday, January 24, 2011

Situation in --->

(Gambar Hiasan semata-mata)

Situation in hospital...

Nurse: Hello...good morning, I'm staff nurse Syafika, can i help you?
Foreign: Hello, good morning too. I'm John. I would like to ask if there's any patient name as Jessica Alba?
Nurse: May i know, when the patient was admitted?
Foreign: I don't know either. That's why I'm asking you.
Nurse: Okay, hold on please... I'll check over it first.
Foreign: Please make it faster.
Nurse: Sorry for make you waiting. Threre's no patient with Jessica Alba's name here.
Foreign: You waste my time for make me waiting!!!!!!

Note---> Should not be happen...

Situation in ward...
Nurse: Good morning sir.
Patient's Relative (PR): Good morning staff nurse. How can I help u?
Nurse: Please wait outside first while the doctor checking patient around later okay :)
PR: But, I can't leave my wife here alone without any person beside her.
Nurse: Don't worry, here got many nurses.
PR: Nurses? Do u call yourself nurses while you cannot take care of yourself?
Nurse: (Confused) Why you say so?
PR: Please wake up! you almost late!

Note---> Keep your alarm on! prevent yourself from getting late!

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